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February 2024
ParSec Magazine, Issue 9
Short story “The World is What You Make of It”—issue-9-6234-p.asp

July 2023
“The Amelioration of Existence in Spite of Truth and Reconciliation” from “Under the Moon” is reprinted in The Best of British Science Fiction 2022. Available from NewCon Press, editor Donna Scott.

April 2022
Under the Moon: Collected Speculative Fiction
Available from Ghost Moth Press

January 2022
Strange Horizons
Short story “Broken Blue”

December 2021
Shoreline of Infinity 29
Short story “A Flight of Birds” (print version)

August 2021
Shoreline of Infinity 25
Short story “A Flight of Birds” – shortlisted for a 2022 British Fantasy Award

April 2020
Flotation Device – a charity anthology for the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle
Short story “All the Way to the Dead Dog Party” (Time-limited publication, no longer available)

June 2019
Shoreline of Infinity 15
Flash fiction “The Lecture”

August 2015
Novel “Ada King”