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In person

Sometimes I do things where you can see my face and hear my voice! Here’s a list.

Book festivals and SFF Conventions

Cymera Festival 2024

Edinburgh, 31st May – 2nd June 2024

I’ll be hanging out at Cymera again this year, come say hi! It’s one of the most relaxed book festivals out there.

Worldcon 2024

Glasgow, UK, 8-12 August 2024

I’ll be at Worldcon! The biggest convention in SFF comes to my doorstep. I’ll be participating in some of the programme items, hopefully, including a couple of anthology launches! Keep an eye on the blog for more info.

Fantasycon 2024

Chester, 11-13th October

Fantasycon is in Chester this year, and I’ll be there. Come and say hi in one of the friendliest and fun conventions on the UK scene.

Past appearances:

15-17th September 2023

I’ll be at Fantasycon in Birmingham this year again. Run annually by the British Fantasy Society and friends, this will be a hoot. I’m up for a British Fantasy Award and will be very jittery around 9pm on Saturday. But other than that, I’ll be on a panel and running the “Reading Aloud for Performance” workshop with T.H. Dray once again. Find out more on the BFS website.

2-4th June 2023

I’ll be at Cymera Festival in Edinburgh again. I’ll be interviewing two wonderful authors on the Friday and running the “Reading Aloud for Performance” workshop with TH Dray on the Saturday.

26-28th May 2023

Satellite 8 Convention in Glasgow – I will be reading at the Event Horizon on Saturday night, a selection of my more frivolous microfics. I’ll also be moderating a couple of panels. Check out the Satellite 8 programme.

7-9 April 2023

I will be at Eastercon in Birmingham for Conversation, though I won’t be attending alllll the many days as I’ve found myself completely flattened by the end. I’ll be there for the main core of the event though. Thinking of attending? Find out more at Conversation 2023’s website.

16-18 September 2022

I was at Fantasycon, where I ran the workshop “Reading aloud for performance” with TH Dray. It was great fun and hopefully we’ll be able to do this again at future cons / festivals. We’ve had some interest…

I was also up for Best Short Story for the British Fantasy Awards for “A Flight of Birds” (in Shoreline of Infinity magazine). I didn’t win, but that was okay, you should have seen the other people in that list!

3-5 June 2022

Cymera, Scotland’s own SFFH book festival is in its third year. I was at its first and was lucky enough to interview its founder, mover and shaker, Ann Landmann as she was still building the event for my podcast, Speculative Spaces.
I’ll be chairing an event featuring Cameron Johnston and Ian Green. Please see the Cymera festival programme for more info

27-29 May 2022

Satellite 7. Glasgow’s very own science fiction convention, this small but incredibly friendly event was my first ever con. Featuring members of the GSFWC no doubt, and perhaps me. TBC. Come to Glasgow and have a fabulous time with us!

15-18 April 2022

Eastercon, aka Reclamation2022 is our chance to come back together as a community. After a long time for many who didn’t make it to last year’s Fantasycon.
Panels: Saturday 9 am Bleriot: Brave New Babies (moderator); Sunday 6pm Endeavour: Podcasting Beyond Year One (moderator)
Author Reading: Sunday 2pm Syndicate Room 14 (I’ll be reading from Under the Moon, my new collection)
See Reclamation2022 programme for more info

7-11 April 2022

Quarancon! I did a great panel with some excellent people: Patricia A. Jackson, Susana Imaginário, Kevin Potter, Dan Potter, Gareth Hanrahan and Alex Dunne who were all smashing. Watch the playback on YouTube for the creature feature battle royale smackdown championship! site for more, and subscribe for next years event (if there is one).

16 September 2021, 7pm BST

Image collage credit Glasgow in 2024, author photos their own.

This was an online panel brought to you by Glasgow in 2024, Glasgow’s WorldCon bid featuring Cameron Johnston, Neil Williamson, and me interviewed by Dr Esther MacCallum-Stewart.
We’ll be talking about our membership of the GSFWC, and the reason why Glasgow would make a great WorldCon host.
Watch the playback here, free on YouTube!

24-26 September 2021

I’ll be at FantasyCon in Birmingham this year! More detail in this post.