Shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award!

I’m stoked and flattered and humbled and feeling slightly sick still after finding out I was shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award for Best Short Fiction.

My story, A Flight of Birds, follows a lonely “vampire” barista working late nights in Glasgow’s West End. I put vampire in quotes because in fact, they’re a very special type of Scottish mythological creature. Similar to, but different from, the mainland European lore.

They meet a lot of other lonely souls, and do something about that all so overwhelming hunger that stalks behind them. The story nestles in Glaswegian ambience. I really wanted to make my home city like an extra character and I hope I managed it!

I went into a lot more detail on the story’s origins in my newsletter. Are you signed up? If not, you’re missing out!

To read the story, you can find it in  Shoreline of Infinity #25 for the original digital format, (it also appeared in Shoreline’s 29th issue in paperback in a collation issue in both physical and digital). Please support this local magazine, they do great work for writers and the wider SFF community!

And, consider joining the British Fantasy Society, the parent organisation of the awards, they’re great.

Click here for the other shortlisted authors and all other BFA categories

Good luck to all the shortlisted writers, you are all fabulous!

Under the Moon: Collected Speculative Fiction by E.M. Faulds

Under the Moon: Collected Speculative Fiction by E.M. Faulds

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