I’m being interviewed!

Glasgow in 2024 Worldcon bid presents the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle

For the Glasgow in 2024 (Gin2024) WorldCon bid, the organisers are putting on a lot of Glasgow and Scotland-centred items. You should really check out their entire offering if you are interested in what’s going on in the SFF writing world up here! But for this one, the focus is the Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle.

The GSFWC has been one of the best things to happen to me since I moved up to Scotland. Of course, number one is my wonderful other half, and the new family I joined. But in my social and professional life as a writer, when I first met the Circle, I absolutely had a “my people, I’ve found my people!” moment.

Neil Williamson and Cameron Johnstone are the real draw here: they’re fantastic writers who also happen to be great people so I’m absolutely chuffed and also a bit terrified to be on the same billing as them.

We’ll be talking about what it’s like to have such a strong writing group, the Milford Rules, our anthology works, and much more. The highs and lows to hopefully prepare and inspire others to set up their own.

So, have you ever thought “wouldn’t it be great to have a constructive critique of my work and a pint after”? Come see how we do it.

It’s free, it’s online, get your tickets now from Eventbrite.

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