FantasyCon 2021

The first in person con I’ve attended since 2019, and I’m nervous but excited!

FantasyCon is taking place in Birmingham 24th-26th September, 2021

Technically, I think it’s FantasyCon 2020, but had to be cancelled last year for obvious reasons. See the official FantasyCon site and membership purchase options. (NB The purchase site is run by HWS Events, this is the correct vendor.)

Are you coming? Would you like to catch up?

I’ll be hopefully appearing on a panel talking about my experiences podcasting. I believe it will be called “In Audio” but apart from that everything is still to be finalised in the programme. Please follow me on Twitter if you want more reactive updates. Check out my for all other links to the podcast etc.

podcaster with blue headphones
Yeah, these ones.

Otherwise, I’ll probably be near the bar with ridiculous blue headphones trying to find people to record for the episode. That might include you if you have something positive and constructive to say, even if it’s a brief note about how much you are enjoying the event, or good stuff you’ve seen over the weekend. You don’t have to be famous, just fabulous.

However, if you have a book to plug and so on, please feel free to use the recording as a way of signal boosting your stuff. It’s free publicity, so please use it. It also gives me content! I have previously interviewed people at every stage of their career from someone just starting out to some of the stars of the UK and even world SFF scene and I don’t mind who you are as long as you’re nice. Please don’t self-reject. Not everyone might make the final cut, but it’s not an indication of “celebrity” or “worthiness”. It’s usually sound trouble at my end!!

Otherwise, I’ll likely be drinking a coffee or a beer in the main bar, talking nerdy things about SFF and hanging out with the GSFWC.

Please take all precautions with your health, lovely people. Con crud is a nightmare at the best of times!

See you soon?

Go to the Speculative Spaces podcast website if you want to get in touch about it.

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