Eastercon panels

7-10 April, Birmingham

The Conversation 2023 logo: text reads "Conversation" at the top, and "Eastercon 2023, 7-10 April 2023" below. The picture is of a dragon having a nice cup of hot oil with a robot. Both are smiling.

I’ve got quite a lot on at the BSFA’s annual convention, this time in a hopefully sunny Birmingham. This year the con is entitled “Conversation” and you can bet there will be some over the weekend.

Here’s where you can find me:


15:00 Rockets Matter: Listen to Me! – a panel about the commercialisation of space. With

16:30 Climate Fiction: a Very Current Subgenre – a panel on one of the areas I write about a lot. With


12:00 Reading Aloud for Performance – This is the workshop I ran with TH Dray last Fantasycon and it went well, so here we go again!

21:00 BFS Presents: Short Story Submissions – a panel with some of the great folks behind the BFS Horizons magazine talking about how to get your short SFF pieces into publications like this. With


10:30 The Colonial Conversations of Predator – a panel discussion that is just what it sounds like! With

And I’ll be watching so many more – see the full programme here: https://guide.conversation2023.org.uk

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