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  • A moodboard for Under the Moon

    A moodboard for Under the Moon

    A taster of some of the elements of Under the Moon. Click the link to go to Ghost Moth Press to grab it!

  • Wednesday Words

    Wednesday Words

    I’ll be putting out little snippets regularly and you can find them around about including on my Mastodon, Instagram, and *shudder* Twitter feeds. They’ll feature little insights into the stories and characters that populate my brain and my books. Don’t forget, you can get a masterkey into these worlds buy going to and spending…

  • Mastodon

    I finally broke. Though Twitter had been my online home and source of a wonderful bookish community, I am making the move to Mastodon at least for now. Come find me at I’m new to the site and while it has its limitations, for now I’m getting a much more genuine experience due to…

  • Scrivener templates

    Or, how to stop you tearing your hair out each time you start a new project. A friend was having trouble and rather than write a long twitter thread that no-one will ever find again, I decided to update the content on my blog for once! Heh. Thanks, Russell! Okay, so you got your Scriv…