The author, E.M. Faulds, at Worldcon in Dublin, 2019

E.M. Faulds has been a writer since she was old enough to grasp the concept. She grew up in Australia, but has made Scotland her home since 2006.

She writes speculative fiction short stories and novels. This includes the genres of science fiction and fantasy, among others.

She has written the novel “Ada King“, a story about a young woman fighting a totalitarian state in a world overcome with climate change. It’s also about friendship and the gift of believing in yourself.

Read more about Ada King here.

She can also be found in the following publications:

She’s also host of her own podcast, Speculative Spaces where she talks to other SFF authors and industry professionals. Get great writing craft advice or listen to a story from your favourite speculative fiction author! – available on iTunes, Spotify, and podcast apps, go to the website for older episodes.