E.M. Faulds - a science fiction author.

The limits of humanity's exploration of space and itself.

I'm an Australian, living in Glasgow, Scotland, who writes science fiction. Another way to say scifi might be speculative fiction. It's not all spaceships and lasers, although those are good too. Sometimes I just like to write about a concept of the future. I always like to make my characters as real and human (if applicable) as possible.

British science fiction authors are some of the best in the world and I am trying my hardest to be worthy of the title. I like to imagine a concept, and then elaborate how it came to be, who was involved and what happened to them.

I've just published my first full-length novel, Ada King, a science fiction story about an extraordinary girl who grows up to discover great power and along the way find out what it means to be human. Read some reviews and get a sneak peek at Amazon.

Get the gist of the story and some more detail here on Ada King's dedicated page.

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